Innerlyse organise Australian based Study Tours for the technology sector.

A typical tour involves 8-12 Guests, who meet for breakfast with their Tour Guide, then travel together to meet a number of Hosts throughout the day.

Hosts are carefully selected to bring highly relevant knowledge and experience from a similar but more senior role and similar focus as the Guests.

Meetings with Hosts typically last 75 minutes, where Hosts discuss the key challenges that the Guests will likely be experiencing, and facilitate open discussion between the group.

During transportation between Host meetings, Tour Guides facilitate open discussion and peer-to-peer learning between Guests, reflecting on the lessons learned from the Hosts.

Tours can be 1, 2 or 3 days, and all meals and refreshments are included.  

Phil Redding
Director & Tour Guide

Phil is one of Australia's most connected networkers within the Technology Sector.  He founded and manages a technical recruiting company; founded and manages the Australian IT Management events (SITMan, now called TECHLED); sits on the Board of Directors for the Masters of Business & Technology at UTS; and is the Events Director at the Sydney Chapter of the PMI.


James Philips
Tour Manager

James has managed online Technology networking communities for Endor Group for many years, and brings a structured and detail orientated approach to organising and managing the Innerlyse Tours.


Innerlyse is a trading division of Endor Group Pty Ltd